Sabena Chique

Let's go Mad Men this weekend with these vintage Sabena lounge chairs by Alfred Hendrickx. This prominent, but somewhat forgotten, designer created curved furniture for Belgian company Belform during the fifties and sixties.

These Sabina chairs were designed for the first-class Sabena lounge in Brussels in 1958, very few of which have survived. For those who don't know Sabena, it was the national airline of Belgium from 1923 to 2001.

This three-legged beauty was upholstered in three kinds of tweed: mustard, sky blue and cranberry red with a production of fifty pieces per colour. Explaining the rarity and high prices when you discover one of these on the market.

So if you search for Belgian vintage, add Alfred Hendrickx to your search terms. Willy van der Meeren, Jules Wabbes and Emiel Veranneman get a run for their money!

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