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The Royal Warrant Series: Vervloet

Many of you know that Belgian is a Kingdom and as a result we have many Royal Warrant holders. These heritage brands supply the court with only the best of the best that Belgium has to offer. This summer the I Love Belgium team goes around and gives you an insight into some of these heritage brands. We discover how they got their royal stamp of approval and how the workshop of a Royal Warrant holder looks like. We start this series with decorative hardware provider Vervloet:

150 years of expertise and dedication to the craft can be felt when you step into Vervloet, the Belgian Royal Warrant holder for decorative hardware. Founded in 1905 by Joseph Vervloet, the company remains family owned with granddaughter Isabelle Hamburger at the head. In the Brussels based atelier, over 4,500 models of hardware composed of knobs, locks, keys, signs, hinges, and statues are stored, displayed, created, and admired. Since day one, Vervloet has been dedicated to creating every single piece by hand. The passion invested by the twenty in house craftsmen is seen in the methods of production that haven’t changed a bit since 1905. The love for tradition and excellence has propelled Vervloet to be a leader in quality, design, and trust.

Every year a new collection of hardware is produced. Veteran designers as well as contemporary artists collaborate to create exciting pieces. The current partnership with Belgiann designer Nedda has given a new light to Vervloet’s collection Torna with a single sleek brass knob inlaid with either genuine textured leather, glimmering python, or wood veneer. Nedda has added a glamorous spin to Vervloet’s collection with luxurious materials and minimalistic lines. Another key to Vervloet’s success is other Belgian designer Jean-François D’Or. With several contemporary Vervloet collections under his belt Jean-François has become a trusted partner and member of the legacy by creating designs that are more accessible to the modern era. Although seasoned professionals are often brought in for collaboration, Maison Vervloet is invested in developing the talents of young artist. To keep things fresh, Vervloet will host a competition between design students to create a new hardware piece. Skilled students may receive the chance to become a Vervloet craftsman and expand the legacy with new ideas and materials.

The basement of the showroom holds all the necessary equipment to innovate and create these stunning pieces. Craftsmen work on chiseling, adjusting, polishing, and gilding each model that leaves the studio. Because of their handmade nature, each item is unique and is treated like an art piece. The intricate designs that have been the signature to Vervloet’s prestige take a craftsman anywhere from one afternoon to a few days to precisely carve after the body of the fixture has been molded. This dedication to not only craft but also art is why new pieces from original molds, dating back to the 1900s are still being created for homes today. Vervloet’s admiration for tradition and quality is seen with the storage and display of their original molds can be found adjacent to their showroom.

Vervloet instills the ideal that time, quality, and skills are still treasures. 150 years of craftsmanship and design is celebrated through the legacy that is Maison Vervloet. Take a look at the handmade for hands collections that have been a Brussel’s treasure for 150 years.

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