Round We Go

Stunning architecture in the form of a triangular auditorium encompasses the corner of AZ Groeninge, a teaching hospital in Kortrijk.
When our team first came across images of the building, we were immediately drawn to the modern style that was skillfully combined with traditional materials.

The auditorium is a radiant and intricate building nestled in the grounds' corner. One of our favorite aspects is the facade of upright bricks that encompasses the outside walls. The color and shape give the building a surprising amount of light, much smoother than the material normally evokes. The building was designed by Belgian architect Bert Dehullu of Dehullu Architecten with the intent of creating a modern space apart from the hospital grounds. A corner of the building raises off of the ground and provides a pleasant architectural view from the outside. 

The building was constructed to provide adequate space for the lectures that a teaching hospital would put on. As far as lecture halls go, the inside of the building is a unique space as well. Light bulb centerpieces hang from the ceiling and drip into the open space. The I Love Belgium team praise how well the contemporary design meshes with the traditional purpose of the building. The upright brick walls spill into the inside continuing the lightly focused design that adorns the outside unifying the space. Still, we love the subtle way in which the modern architecture contrasts its surroundings. The agreement between light colors and thin placing of the bricks gives this design an appropriate amount of architectural wonder and functionalism. 

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