Rotor for Fondazione Prada

A pile of polyethylene seats, metal structures, mirrors and walls, ... Rubbish you say? What if we told you that this rubbish was once the podium on which 40 photographers gathered for the Prada FW 2011 fashion shows or the  pink and green polyethylene foam seats which were used during the SS 2008 and FW 2010 Prada fashion shows. Rotor sets up an investigation of the architectural and scenographic elements realized for the fashion show sets designed by Prada and OMA for more than a decade.

After being used, these runway elements returned to a status of raw materials and were placed in storage at different locations.  Rotor's  starting point of the project is their curiosity for the materials used, the reasons why they have been conserved, and how this was practically managed.

Being known for bringing forth the ‘remnants’ of a world that after a moment of meaningful splendor is discarded and put in limbo, they invite you to take a second look at the forgotten. The Fogazzaro exhibition space hosts a labyrinth of elements that bear witness, simultaneously, to the amount of work involved in producing each fashion show, and to the silent existence of its materialization beyond the event, explaining the exhibition title: ex limbo.

A nice fact: the cover of the bilingual exhibition catologue book is made of a cutting from the vinyl covering of the catwalk used during the fashion shows for Men and Women AI 2011 (2/2011). Yes, this concept is hardcore!

Images courtesy of Fondazione Prada or Designboom.

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