Roly by Bruno Erpicum

Like most small villages in Wallonia, Roly has some typical historical brick houses (most famous being the Roly Castle-farm). Unlike other villages, Roly has a small brick outbuilding worth mentioning in an architectural contemporary context. Architecture firm Bruno Erpicum & Partners, most famous for their luxurious holiday villas, transformed this outbuilding into a compact 40m2 Bed and Breakfast.

The original building had only a ground level, by introducing steel sheets into the existing structure a mezzanine floor could be created. To make it visually interesting, the sheets were extended outdoors.  This created a living room enclosed solely in glass which opens out generously into the natural surrounding environment.

This kind of architecture could be called blunt, instead the architect paid attention into blending the new elements into the existing building. The work carried out has not been to the detriment of the old building.

The original heavy and solid features of the old building are still clear for all to see, and these features contrast with the extremely soft touch of the more recent changes. The intention is obvious: creating a clear yet soft contrast which far from a replication of the historical features. The I Love Belgium team is already planning a weekend in Roly!

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