A Rock 'n Roll House

B-architecten is one of Belgians most highly esteemed architecture firms. Why? Because they don't always play it safe. You can easily find an edgy side in their projects. That's why the I Love Belgium selected this project. A former hangar in Antwerp which they transformed into a family residency with swimming pool.

The opens structure, concrete floor and elongated floor plan recalls the former industrial function of the place. To keep it practical, B-architecten placed a remarkable and colourful wall. This plastic bubble wall hides the bathroom, storage room, wardrobe and music studio (obligatory of course). While a small wooden volume, placed in between the existing concrete crossbeams, contains the master bedroom.

But what we really love is the swimming pool. Constructed within a concrete block and placed in front of an industrial brick wall, this swimming pool just screams rock 'n roll. Add the randomness of the furniture and you end up with a house where you shouldn't be afraid the move around while rocking the air guitar!

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