The reference - mince it!

Belgians are food lovers, that's a proven fact! So if we can imagine a new dish to spoil our taste buds even more, we'll do it. Two Belgian restaurants worked with the same basic ingredient and technique to create a Belgian classic. Where can you find these? Aux vieux Saint - Martin in Brussels and Martino in Ghent. 

It doesn't sound familiar to you? Well, these two must visit places are founders of a Belgian desire and addiction: filet americain (a minced version of raw beef) and martino (A spiced up version: pili-pili sauce, mustard, tomatos, gherkin and anchovy). Never heard of it? Well, than you've missed out on something great!

Let's start with the Martino, located in the red light neighbourhood of student-city Ghent. This local monument is the hotspot where you may bump into local celebrities while eating a snack after a party. Yes! Their giant plates of food are served until 1 o'clock. The classic Martino sandwich, invented by the father of the current owner: Raymon Noë put the Martino on the map. It all began with an experiment to create a piquant sandwich for English tourists. Instead it led to the birth of the legendary Belgian classic: martino! Although they no longer serve the sandwich (as the snack became a restaurant in 2007), you still have the friendly service, the neon light and delicious food for a truthful price! Don't worry, almost every single sandwich bar in Belgium copied the sandwich. So, let's order.

You can't have the egg without the chicken! You can't have martino without filet americain! We have to search the dish's origin in the capital of our country, Brussels. The term popped up for the first time in the novel "Michel Strogoff" of Jules Verne. But it was Joseph Niels, chef of restaurant 'La Royale' who brings this recipe to the table in 1924. Why he has was inspired to create and name the dish is still a big question mark. But who cares if you can enjoy this gastronomic orgasm? The recipe was past on from generation to generation to end up in Aux vieux Saint-Martin. You can find this deliciousness since 1968 at the posh Place du Grand Sablon. The perfect neighbourhood to combine a lunch with some antique hunting. Getting hungry?

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