The Reference - Bicky Burger

The USA is burger country number 1 but did you know there's a legendary Belgian burger? Yes! Along with the notorious Belgian fries with mayonaise (yes Belgian, not French), we have a tasty burger sold in fries shops all over the country (and even in The Netherlands) since 1981.  The Bicky Burger is a tasty deep fried burger (a mix between chicken, pork and horse meat) topped with three  unique sauces (the yellow Bicky Dressing, the Red Bicky Ketchup and the brown Bicky Hot Sauce), crispy onions and pickles or cucumbers served between a sesame sprinkled bun. 

Apparently the Bicky Burger is becoming quiet famous abroad. Foodies coming to Belgium do not only want to try the Belgian chocolate but also that Belgian burger. But don't be fooled. It's still a snack and it's still a deep fried burger, don't expect a Michelin star experience. But we have to admit that it has a unique taste, something between sweet and sour and spicey. The taste has become so popular (Bicky even has his own website and Facebook page) that Belgians voted to create a limited edition Bicky Burger crisps when crisps producer Lay's asked its consumers what flavour they wanted to add to the assortment. They even have a Bicky Flagship frites shop in Antwerp.

Since 1981 Bicky has diversified by adding new varieties such as the Bicky Wrap, the Bicky Chicken and the Bicky Royal but we still prefer the real deal: the Bicky Special. Tother with a small portion of fries with tartare sauce it's a lil' piece of (snackfood) heaven and a big sin for your waist line.

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