The Red Roof Cube

Why is it that when we walk in our cities that we don't look up? Why this rhetorical question you may ask... Well, the I Love Belgium team feels that the best architecture details are to be found when we ignore the street level! A good example of our theory is the new collective housing 'Brioolstraat' in Ghent by CAAN architecten!

This collective housing configuration, situated in a narrow side street, implements an extruded cube container partly placed within the existing roof structure. This does not only adds a visual beacon to the already existing neo-classical façade of the building, it also secures a view on the waterway the Coupure. By incorporating the cube-like feature to the structure, a vibrant contrasting effect from the red interior colour accentuates the architecture between dwellings.

CAAN succeeded in finding the perfect balance between the forms both existing and new. The I Love Belgium team can't stop enjoying the color and composition! One more reason why we should look up when we stroll around. The beautiful pictures were taken by Cafeine who previously captured this project by CAAN architects.

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