Raphaël Charles - 20/30

You know that we like our up-and-coming young designers! Raphaël Charles is one of those, earning  a spot on the list by redefining the rug. By questioning the rug as a tufted textile floor covering, he decided to trick the eye by using lumps of foamy black coal. This resulted in the 20/30 rug, a name referring to the standard calibre of coal.

The rug creates the misleading visual of a black hole filled with coal. Yet the foam surface offers your feet a rather pleasant surprise, confronting you with what is commonly known and what is perceived in reality. This intriguing piece has it all: a good sense of material use, the reference to the Belgian coal mining heritage and the typical Belgian touch of irony.

The I Love Belgian team is not the only one admiring this piece, at the 2008 Interieur fair it earned the Vitra price in the category "Living". Victor Hunt, the design art dealer, picked up this young Belgian designer by representing the prototype of the 20/30 rug in his impressive design catalogue.

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