Raf Simons Redux

A few months ago we already talked about the rumour, but now the die has been cast: Raf Simons for Dior. And because of this great news, we want to revisit Raf's earliest work. His first collection was all about English schoolboys and their uniforms. Characteristics were the very tight silhouette and the classical materials in dark colours. Back in 1995, the collection was presented with three large black/white pictures of two street-spotted boys and a video (watch it here). For the next 10 years of his career, we have a look at his book titled "Redux".

This coffee table book, published on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Simons's work, presents both a wide range of the intellectual and creative aspects of the designer's work that have sealed his position at the top of fashion's roster. The book gives you an insight into Raf's inspiration such as youth movements (punk, goth and mod), music, art, performance, images and words. Showing the core of Raf's universe: attitudes, moods and statements instead of impeccable cut clothes. This book is a great representation of how Raf examines today's male psyche through his inspiration from the rebellion of past and present youth cultures, blending these notions with tradition and roots.

The book was published by Fondazione Pitti Discovery. At the same time the foundation initiated a fashion/art event ‘Raf Simons 1995-2005’ at the famous Giardini di Boboli in Florence, back in June 2005, equally celebrates his first decade in fashion. Now that Raf will take over the (fashion) globe, it's time to get yourself a copy of the book! Just an advice ...

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