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Precious Liquids

What do you do when your studies don't fascinate you that much? You go and shake things up (and no we're not talking about drugs)! That's also what Lara Frankl did while studying interior architecture in Ghent. After the class hours, Lara went home and started to experiment with jewellery.

Her latest jewellery exploration, titled "Elusive", is all about experimentation. By pouring several resins into a preformed mould she allowed the uncontrollable, the accidental and the fugitive to take the lead. This resulted into colour explosions and pattern craziness unmistakable created by chance. Although this playfulness is captured within strict geometric shapes (guess her interior architecture lessons left an impression) the through gem of the jewel is all about controlled randomness. And yes, there are no diamonds or precious metals but these unique pieces don't need the bling to draw attention! A perfect statement for a contemporary woman who goes out the door with a comfortable white tee but still goes for that little extra.

Lara Frankl: on I Love Belgium's team "one to watch" list!

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