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Plywood Party

If you know that the established online design and architecture platform Dezeen has a page just for plywood, then you know that plywood is here to stay! But for those not in the -design - know, plywood is a sheet material manufactured from thin layers or "plies" of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. You have several types of plywood but today it's all about the Softwood plywood. This one has a soft color - usually made either of birch, spruce, pine or fir - and is known for its flowy wood grain.

So the I Love Belgium team decided to have a look at some interesting plywood designs coming from young and upcoming Belgian designers. Let's start with the Trolley series of Jan en Rondoald for Belgian design manufacturer Labt. This stack and store system uses the concept of printing on an earlier print. The print of the wood is given another dimension by the graphic print added upon. That's what we call plywood design with a twist!

We continue with the sideboard of designstudio IKKE. Designed by founder Brent Neve, this sideboard uses plywood as construction material and a way to create a strong graphic story. The drawing of the grain is combined with a classical fishbone pattern, providing the minimal design a playful edge.

Architect Lies Van kerckhove of Fragmenture treats plywood in another way. Her George chair, a self assembly dining chair in birch or okoumé plywood, comes colored. Although you can go for the natural version, we prefer the more joyful and surprising red, green or yellow version. Because let's be honest, these days it's all about choice and options.

The next one is a chest of drawers for a children’s room designed by design studio Atelier Dialect. Although this is an one-off piece, we could easily see this one go into production. The Mondriaan-esque use of color and form mixed with the warmth of plywood turns this piece of design into a keeper.

We end on a bigger scale with a kitchen design by furniture designer, interior architect & scenographer Dries Otten. This perfectly designed, colour-blocked kitchen out of birch plywood continues to be a cupboard, desk space and bookcase. Have a look on his site and you'll see that this is not the only exquisite example of the use of plywood in your interior.

So, the I Love Belgium team hopes we got you exited and as a result get your plywood party started at home!

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