Perforated Living

In a dense residential and historical area of down town Brussels, a new house conversion drew the attention of the I Love Belgium team. It was architecture office V+ who reconceptualized an existing complexing, boarding two streets and existing out of several architectural elements. Next to the traditional town house, the site houses an industrial building placed in the courtyard and a second 18th century industrial building, which today serves as an auction house.

The initial program included the renovation of the mansion at the street side and the construction of an art gallery in courtyard. While reflecting on the project, the architects suggested the client to realize a second family home upon the existing industrial building. Hereby the neighbouring blind wall hosts the playful perforated face of the new addition.

This project chose to handle this project with respect of the typology of townhouses in Brussels, the first  family house is silently present on the street side, while the intimacy of a family house points towards the courtyard and the small garden.

While the other house, located upon the existing industrial building,  is designed in such a way that it completes the skyline of terraced houses. This three-sided playful volume does not only offer its inhabitants beautiful views on Brussels but also adds an contemporary architectural value within the historic heart of down-town Brussels.

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