Paying homage to Peter de Greef

Sometimes, the one thing that takes longer than the creative process itself is the amount of time it takes for an artist to gain his due recognition.

Belgian illustrator Peter de Greef is often unfairly underrepresented among his celebrated fellow artists and friends, but his illustrations have withstood the test of time.

Born in Anderlecht, de Greef lived and studied in Brussels at the Academy of Brussels in the Rue du Midi. From 1922 until 1950, his work made him one of the greatest illustrators of musical scores. His style had very modern, art-deco beginnings but de Greef's tendency to adapt to the style of the decade allowed for his work to become established as timeless. Although adapting to changing times, his music score illustrations, advertisements and posters all have a personal touch that unifies the work under a clear 'De Greef' signature. In addition to his recognizable use of lines, de Greef's posters, and illustrations made use of rich and vibrant color, which brought these works to life. De Greef's work spanned industries, decades and styles and although less recognized early on, it has gained due publicity with time.

We at I Love Belgium felt an obligation to pay homage to an artist whose work defined much of modern day illustration and advertising and whose work only get better with time.

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