Patrick's House

Once upon a time, Patrick wanted to build a new house in the woods of Flanders. He met the brave team of Low architecten who took on the quest to design easy and livable spaces with one square window positioned towards the house of the sister next door. No, we wont continue with a Hans and Gretel-like story, instead we'll talk serious architecture!

Although the house may look like a massive brick volume from the outside, the house completely opens up to the nature at the backside. Much like the extreme tactile constructions of renowned Belgian brutalist Juliaan Lampens. The comparison could even be extended towards his extreme attention for natural light, his complete open plan and integration of made to measure furniture.

Projected on Patrick's house, one could say that the Low architects hinted towards the bunker-typology with two emerging, zenital openings. One opening creates a patio connected to the bedroom, while the other lets natural light splash into the living space. By continuing the roof covering in the same range of brick coloring, the idea of a ‘skin’ is complete. Just as Lampens states: “Each building is a sculpture.” And at the offices of Low architects they are moulding with surfaces and volumes, reducing until the essence of space and material remains.

pictures taken by Stijn Bollaert

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