A Passive House

According to Wikipedia a passive house refers to the rigorous, voluntary, standard for energy efficiency in a building, reducing its ecological footprint. For us it refers to the house of architect Lieselotte Steurbaut. This wooden beauty was constructed in only 6 months, with a budget of  1.140 euro/m2 and a monthly gas and electricity bill of 10 euros. Yes, this building should be the explanatory wiki-image of a passive house! 

Build in a small village in East-Flanders, this house turns heads. Why?  Let's say that the thermowood facade isn't your regular Belgian building material. Add the cube form with removed angle and you have yourself an instant show stopper. All these elements aren't only picked from an aesthetic point of view. The cut-away angle provides enough sunshine to heat up the house while the two trees in front make sure that the house doesn't become a greenhouse during summer time.

Inside you stumble into an OSB palace. It doesn't only provide a coherent strong aesthetic it also saves on wall and floor covering. The only thing jumping out is the innovative 2-parts staircase which is executed in a full wood. Although passive building gains popularity day by day, the I Love Belgium team is assured that this example will convince every sceptic!

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