Elisabeth Ouni is one of the first people we wrote an article about back in 2010 (yes, we're celebrating our 5th anniversary next year) and Ouni is still going strong. Ouni's polaroid platform A Polaroid Story (APS) on which she's been framing (literally) the biggest people in the hip hop, dj and urban scene just got revamped and next to APS she created Ouni Inc., a digital content platform producing her own video productions for festivals, concerts and much more.This Summer the coastal city of Ostend, her hometown, invited her to do a series about . Elisabeth named the series #OstendeMaBelle (Ostend my beauty). The series shows the quirky beauty of Belgian coastal cities: colorful kites, youngsters racing with go-karts, no-spring-chicken beach babes and of course playing children, all captured with her trustworthy polaroid camera.  The 27 blown up polaroids can be admired (for free) in the Nieuwe Gaanderijen in Ostend until September 10th. An ideal opportunity to return (or discover, if you've never been there) to Ostend, The Queen of the Belgian sea-side resorts.Underneath we've posted one of Ouni's productions about her encounter with Wiz Khalifa (more videos on her Youtube channel). It's all about being real, and that's what Ouni is all about.

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