Ordinary Days In A Wood Factory

Young and upcoming design talent Raphael Charles has a taste for eye deceiving designs! After his 20/30 rug, he's back with another eye tricking design. This time he found inspiration while visiting a wood factory.

He translated a palette filled with fir tree wood into a chest of drawers. And he did this quite literary by just hollowing out the inside and adding a drawer mechanism. The power of this design lays in its simplicity, or as Mies would say it: less is more. Raphael uses this idea of thinking in the most literal way. The outside of the chest of drawers stays untouched: no sanded surfaces, no top finish and wood markings still present. In this way each object will be a truly individual design.

After his charcoal pit rug and now this wood palette design, the I Love Belgium team is already wondering what’s next. Just like fellow Belgian Magritte started a whole new art-form a hundred years ago, maybe Raphael will be brave enough to start a revolution in the design world. We’re already waiting for the lamp, desk, bed,…

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