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Only Human

Thomas Lerooy’s sculptures take iconic symbols of classic art and transforms them into something more current through his own comedic and twisted vision. 

Classical sculpture stems from ancient Greek and Roman art that depict figures in the most ideal way possible. Graceful muscular versions of people were carefully chiseled out of marble to appear godlike and superior to any average members of society. Well Lerooy takes these symbols of perfection and humorously brings them back to a relatable humanity. Body parts are held together by tape or blown up to unrealistic (and way too heavy) proportions, glass bottles splice up figures and asparagus grows out of heads. 

These distortions show that no person is actually perfect. In fact, these subjects are faced to deal with their biggest insecurity or problem. Be it their large egos that make it impossible to stand, addictions that trap their bodies in uncomfortable positions, or even the struggle of holding yourself together while maintaining the façade of perfection. He keeps the look of antiquity through form, but the mediums are different and expressive. While his sculptures combine vast materials, his drawings take a similar approach through the art of collage. 

Lerooy’s dreamy pieces find the middle ground between serious and silly, and classic and contemporary.

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