Online X-mas Shopping

When it's cold outside and you don't really feel like strolling around Belgians finnest shopping districts, then it's up to the Love Belgium team to provide you with an alternative. And what's better then sitting in front of the fireplace while discovering some great new Belgian webshops? We'll make sure that you find the finest "all Belgian" Christmas gift for your girl or boyfriend. So get into those velvet pj's and start clicking that "home delivery" button!

The first discovery is the webshop of highly praised designer Sylvain Willenz. His brand new webshop, titled SWS, offers a range of his best work such as the torch light for Established & Sons or his CLS Mobile Drive for Freecom. If you wan't a Sylvain Willenz exlusive, then go for the Splash Stuff Bag created exclusively for SWS.

This design is a seamless and flat rubber handbag with splashes of coloured natural rubber. Stretchable, extra resistant and washable, yes stuff splash can contain anything and everything. For the more organized minds, stuff splash can also be used as a document holder thanks to its A4 format.


Discover the The webshop:

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We continue with the webshop of Claudine &Compagnie. Designer Johanna Van Daalen created this whimsical webshop for her subtle, fresh and poetic false collars and accessories. She rediscovered these elaborated accessories, capable of changing an entire look, while researching crochet and textile patterns. Johanna quickly triggered the idea to revisit this now forgotten garment.

This resulted into Claudine & Compagnie. The company name refers to the The Claudine collar (also known as the Peter Pan collar) which represents a feminine and classic approach to dressing. To accompany Claudine, Johanna has created a family of collars, all taking their names from inspirational characters. You will find the Laura collar, inspired by the romantic Laura Ashley look, the Diane tie inspired by actress Diane Keaton or even the May collar, named after an unknown lady pictured in an early 30’s photograph.

So ladies, get your credit card and treat yourself on an early x-mas gift and while you're at it visit SWS for your hubby!


Discover the webshop:

Christmas, shopping, webshop, Belgian, Design, Fashion Sylvain Willenz, claudine & compagnie,craft, I Love

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