Fashion concept stores are popping up everywhere but ever heard of a health &!beauty concept store? Well, now there’s Okinaha, a new boutique revolutionary in the health & beauty domain. You’ll find all-natural
At Okinaha they consider good health to be one of the most precious things a human being can possess. So that’s why we have to take care of it even before the first signs of ageing, in order to live a longer and happier life. Okinaha is an archipelago in the south of Japan also called the centenary island. It’s the region in the world that has the highest rate of centenaries. Apparently thanks to simple nutrition principles and a natural healthy lifestyle

Where most of the organic health and beauty stores tend to be too goat-wool-socks (we’re sorry, but we have never seen happy nor healthy looking people inside those kind of stores, and we do shop there), Okinaha pioneers in being a beautifully designed store.

The concept including branding, identity and retail environment was designed by Coast, a multi-disciplinary branding practice based in Brussels. Their mission was to develop a visual identity for Okinaha that would reflect their values, which are health and longevity. Their creative output was inspired by purity and oriental simplicity, allowing the customer to relax while shopping for health. It’s true, you feel healthier the minute you walk in there.

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