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Every morning, thousands of people walk into their office without noticing the architecture of the building. Nothing could be further from the truth for the employees who work in the recently refurbished Alpha Tower. Credits go to LOW architects who transformed the boring 60's office building situated near the Brussels-north railway station into a remarkable energy friendly landmark!

After stripping the office building down to the skeletal fabric, a thorough transformation could begin. They started with the centralization of the ticket hall, who used to be spread over 3 separate floors. Instead came an open and accessible space which makes, through the use of a grandstand-like waiting space, a clear difference between front- en back office.

Furthermore, the offices on the other floors were refurbished. The top floor, which formerly served as a technical floor, was transformed into a lunch space and industrial kitchen with terrace and green roof. From the outside, the building received a new face through the use of a gold coated steel covering and a a repetitive grid of matte black switch-like windows.

From the outside as well as the inside, this remarkable transformation brings a pleasant change for its grey surroundings. And who wouldn't want to work in a golden building?

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