O Deelbaar België

If dividing Belgium was that easy, we probably wouldn't be the ‘proud’ owners of the 'longest time a country has had no government' record. Young Belgian designer OS-KAR found a source of inspiration in the political deadlock and created ‘O deelbaar België’, translated ‘O divisible Belgium’. A word play on our national anthem which starts out with the following words: 'O dierbaar België', translate 'O dear Belgium'.

The carpet has the contours of the Belgian borders. All three parts of Belgium are represented in their representative colors: Flanders shown in yellow, Wallonia in red and Brussels (the black sheep) in black. Together the colors represent the Belgian flag. Scissors and a handy manual on ‘how to split Belgium’ encourage the owner to take action - or not. Dotted lines show you where to cut, if you dare...

Made out of high quality wool, a special technique around the edges of each the three parts ensures the carpets' survival after being split.

OS-KAR doesn't want to take any particular political position, however it must be interesting to find out how some of Belgium's most prominent politicians Bart De Wever (NVA) and Elio Di Rupo (PS) divided their carpets!belgium, Carpet, Colors, Design, OS-KAR, Political

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