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A New Generation

Once every few years, a new selection of young design graduates draws our attention. Why's that you may ask? Not necessarily because they revolutionize the design world, but because they understand new needs. Each of the three presented designers handle topics such as smaller living units, the need for personalization and the return of sustainable materials. 

We start with the multi-functional table of Ben Storms. Titled 'In Vein', this marble trestle table can be used as a mirror by positioning it straight up against the wall. A perfect solution for those places where a table for 6 isn't needed on a daily baseBut this doesn't automatically translate into "throw-away" design. Ben's trestle table/mirror adds delicate luxury and vanity to its inherent specifications such as mobility and efficiency.

Another multifunctional object is Reinaart Vandersloten's origami inspired Space+. This multifunctional wall object lets you interact with your own living space. In closed position, space+ mirrors and enlarges your living space while providing a display unit. When folded out, space+ easily creates a small workspace with writing table and pinboard. The brass perfectly work as a room enlarger while the felt is perfect for its acoustic and flexible qualities.

We end in beauty with Adriaan Tas's TSCHICHOLD. This storage unit can be personalized with originally printed sideboards. As a graphic designer and furniture designer, Adriaan brings best of both worlds together. No need to hang a poster on your wall when your library simultaneously fulfills that role! 

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