New Design in Town

We don't do it a lot, but when we do it we do it good! The I Love Belgium team is talking about the birth of a new Belgian design brand. Youngsters such as When Objects Work, Objekten, Tamawa, Feld and Studio Helder receive a new group member: Liparus! Just like I Love Belgium, Liparus' mission is to promote Belgian designers worldwide by publicizing and selling their original, functional,ergonomic, aesthetic and high quality pieces.

The values that it upholds are authenticity, simplicity, boldness, exclusivity and being 100% Belgian. They started the collection with design pieces from Damien Gernay, Guillaume Sonnet, Mathias Van De Walle, Raphaël Charles and Philippe Swimberghe who's not only a designer but also the founding father of Liparus.

We already see the furry yet elegant armchair of Guillaume in our living room, the anti-slip bookcase of Matthias in our office and the leather balloon stool of Damien in our bedroom! Now we just have to find a spot for Raphaël's curly wall decoration and Philippe's  - 2001: A Space Odyssey - rocking chair. In the mean time, the I Love Belgium team will keep an eye on this brand and keep you updated on their adventures in the design world.

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