The New Courthouse

If you've ever taken the train to the city of Hasselt, maybe you've noticed this unique building next to the train tracks...  After six years of construction, the Court of Justice of Hasselt reached completion. This concrete and steel structure just screams the aesthetics of its Berlin-based architect:  J. Mayer H.

The Courthouse is one of two iconic projects within the new urban development around the main rail station. The logistics and placement of a courthouse with multiple security barriers of security results in a massing composed of three interconnected volumes.

References include the old industrial steel structures that formerly occupied and defined the site, their organic Belgian Art Nouveau forms constituting part of the cultural heritage of Hasselt. There are also echoes of a tree, which, in addition to being is the Hasselt town emblem, as well as also harks back to the historic pre-medieval European tradition of holding a special “place of speaking justice” underneath a large tree in the centre of a dwelling.

Don't you just love it? Now let's only hope you'll visit this remarkable piece of architecture as an architecture-lover and not to defend your case!

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