The Narrow House

A building plot near Bruges, surrounded by a protected beech forest. A wet dream for most architects, if it wasn't for the fact that the plot was only 30 meters wide and 75 meters long. For architecture office Govaert & Vanhoutte this was only an advantage.

The concept? A long but narrow house with a high transparency level. The perfect answer for forest living, where light is minimal due to tree crown filtering.  So the house went horizontal, a nice contradiction with the surrounding vertical tress. In the glass building volume this translated itself in a house of 51.30 meter long with a width of only 7.20 meters and a building height of 4.20 meters.

According to the moving daylight, the house has a lay-out which follows functionality. In the front and dark side of the house we find an underground garage and entrance.  Towards the back (and therefore sunny side)  you'll find the terrace area and a sunken patio which holds a stunning swimming pool.

The interior has fully white open floor plans with well chosen design classics and custom made pieces. The I Love Belgium team especially loves the long kitchen/table element and the open fire place seating area for those dark and cold winter days! The beautiful pictures are taken by Tim Van de Velde.

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