A Happy Easter to all you I Love Belgium readers out there! As you know, the I Love Belgium team goal is to surprise you daily with relevant and new Belgian creativity. So we wanted to do the same for this Easter Sunday. Instead of going for the Easter postcard we decided to post an art installation of young, up and coming artist Ruben Bellinkx. The many rabbits used for his art work Multiple just gave us an instant (Happy) Easter feeling!

Subtitled 'Constructing and classifying the animal in order to make it meaningful to the human', this absurd yet playful work reminded us of how humankind loves to classify the rabbit as the symbol of Easter (be it in a chocolate version, fake fur costume or on a postcard). We are well aware that the artist may see it different, but hey isn't art the expression of the imagination...

The picture ( yes, taken with real rabbits) is mounted as a stereo photo with viewer. This means that a 3-d image is rendered in the mind of the viewer by using a pair of 2-d images. And don't worry no animals were harmed during the making-of !

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