Muller Van Severen

It takes two to design. At least if you're called Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. These two creatives, a photographer and an artist, have put heads together to create a furniture collection under the name Muller Van Severen. The result? Simple storage containers, tables, shelves and lights that call the work of Donald Judd and Bauhaus. Pure forms which embrace opulent ornament in their finish and combination.

Where art is created for both from the tension between the familiar and the unfamiliar, their furniture are also created from need and function. Work wise, they have made a selection of different coloured marble stones that they combine with brass and coloured polyethylene cutting boards. The colours – but also the patterns in the marble stone – give the furniture movement, some kind of gracefulness, Making every piece of furniture unique. So instead of cheap mdf kitchen board, you get quality materials as the basics for shelves and tables and cutting board installations.

Simple tubes become light sculptures, minimal lines become tables or shelves. A direct reflection on the splendour of art deco and the directness of modernism. Although everything has been reduced to the most simple technological solution these furnitures keep their multi functionality: a table with a table-leg turning into a cantilever lamp, an open cabinet where one of the shelves becomes a table  and tables where the tabletop is a cutting board.

If you want to see this collection, then you have until the end of September. Design gallery Valerie Traan, who represents these young talents, is showcasing the exhibition in Brussels based vintage design gallery Jérôme Sohier for Design September.

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