We have a thing for upcoming talent here at I Love Belgium. That's why we applaud every platform or project with the same line of thought. MTWalls is one those platforms that was recently brought to our attention.

Founded in 2011 by Thomas Madoe and Edmond Van Steenberge, the goal of MTWalls is to enable a platform through which promising local artists can sell their works. The audience MTWalls is targeting is all people with an empty wall (hence the name) who want to fill it with artworks of local talented people (mostly photographers) at an affordable price. Our friends at De Invasie also discovered these two young Belgian entrepreneurs, the selected MTWalls to participated in their latest exhibition in Ghent.

MTWalls works by the principle of a publisher where it takes care of all logistic problems, production and promotion for the artist. This allows the artist to focus on the creative process. On top of this, MTWalls want to do business in a sustainable way. Therefore it tries to limit the impact on the environment (e.g. use of green materials) and actively supports local society projects such as Habbekrats (a youth service  that organizes original programs for youngsters living in the margin of our society) and Natuurpunt (an environmental organization) by donating a part of their revenues. To raise awareness for these community projects, MTWalls lets its clients decide which project they want to support. You can even pay for your artwork with eco-cheques (a payment system that exclusively can be used for the purchase of ecological products and services).

The I Love Belgium team picked out their top three artists. If you're done with posters from that tacky gift shop and you're looking for something more unique to be mounted on your empty  (sic) walls, MTWalls is certainly worth to pay a visit.

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