Mirror Magic

So, this is post 300! That's why we decided with the I Love Belgium team to take a new direction. In the weekend we will provide you with a single visual treat. Whether it is design, fashion, food or art we'll be putting a smile on your face. This weekend we do it with design. D&A Lab commissioned artist Ann Veronica Janssens to design a tailor-made hub for cars.

D&A Lab produced the unbreakable acrylic mirror. What is interesting about this work of art is that the car owner cannot see it himself. The driver offers other
road users the benefit of it. The true meaning of the convex mirror fitted on the hub cap is revealed in an urban or private context. The underlying idea of this work is that Ann Veronica Janssens considers a car as a mobile artist’s studio. A constantly fleeting image can be observed from a moving car. Dimensions and colours change incessantly. The car as an object belongs to the public and private domain.

Instant love! Instant smile.

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