Mind Interiors

Every year, thousands of creatives flock to Belgium to start or continue their eduction in one of our many highly esteemed art schools and conservatories. One of those is Serbian born Dušan Lazić who decided to spend some time at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (also known as KASK). In June, Dušan graduated from the master program in Media Arts, where he presented his highly stylized visual art/motion design.

His graduation work, titled " Personality Nodes" reflects on the different ways how people approach the exterior world. This due to different levels and forms of consciousness, and depending on personal historical factors, social context and biological disposition. The four videos in this project are in a way visual interpretations of this idea; nodes of the different influences a person has undergone throughout his mental development.

All the information that a person encounters, influences him and extends his personality in some direction. These nodes are interpretations of the mind’s functioning and of its interconnections. This work is about constructing every level of consciousness as a separate world, and sets out to illustrate some of the influences that a man undergoes in his earliest development until the age of twenty-five.

Have a look at it and let us know if it reflects your youth? If not, well it's still a pretty amazing visual masterpiece!


Personality Nodes I


Personality Nodes II


Personality Nodes III


Personality Nodes IV

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