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The many faces of Ostend

What makes a city a city? That's a question that can be answered in a million ways. That's why the I Love Belgium team decided to give you our definition! For us it's simple: faces. And we're not only talking about the human ones. It's that great mixture of people and decorative/architectural elements which quietly observe each other.

So when we headed to "The Queen of the Belgian sea-side resorts" aka Ostend where we decided to observe these faces instead of the thousands you can find on the beach soaking up the sun! We headed into the city to discover the chiselled faces looking down on us and with it its rich history. Where can you find these silent observers? It's quite easy: squares, public buildings, bourgeoisie spots, parks, ... just look up! Underneath you can find the results of our city walk and as you can see many of the faces span several decades. From the notorious death masks of James Ensor to the graffiti street art you can spot on the typical beach cabins.

It's through these faces that we express our values, aesthetics and beliefs. So when you mix these with a good portion of sun and beach you get the perfect recipe for a quick weekend getaway. Now it's up to you to discover Ostend and its many faces.

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