Maniera: design for the bold

Amaryllis Jacobs and Kwinten Lavigne founded Maniera with one simple goal: to create and develop unique furniture.   

Maniera is a design project which commissions selected artists and designers to develop and create limited edition-samples of furniture. The idea is to let Maniera function as a kind of laboratory and provide designers and artist the opportunity to be bold and unique in making of furniture pieces.         

This Belgian design initiative aims to promote young and talented designers in with an authentic and personal language, but also to showcase renowned designers’ work in a new setting.        

The first show by Maniera opened in April 2014 with pieces by a collaboration between the architects at OFFICE KERSTEN GEERS DAVID VAN SEVEREN and the artist Anne Holptrop. The location for this exhibition was the founders’ apartment, to put the show in a new perspective for the viewers. This is a part of Maniera’s idea by putting the objects in a different setting than what we are used to, and often in an existing and domestic interior.         

The world-famous architecture magazine ‘Arch-daily’ praised the Maniera initiative by calling the objects  “more than just furniture, but rather a deliberate search for collisions between the realms of architecture, design and art”.  We can’t do anything but agree with this statement.         

The original objects are on showcase at the founders’ apartment and can be viewed by appointment.        

 Get more inspired on their website or their Facebook-page  

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