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Make Me Mad

Do you remember the time when the I Love Belgium team curated an all Brussels loving design exhibition during Interieur14 for MAD? If not, don’t worry you can still see the result here. Instead of a static exhibition design we went for a space full of life: the reflection of a Brussels apartment.

Three years later and the MAD institute – the Brussels Fashion and Design centre – moved into their own home furnished with all Brussel design. After an extensive renovation of several interlocking buildings – built over a period of sixty years – architecture office V+ and Rotor delivered the new home for Brussels design and fashion. 

So how did they do this?  Through strategic demolitions and the addition of a few elements, the ill-conceived, the ill-fitting existing buildings wer rehabilitated. The intention of V+ and Rotor was not to distinguish between old and new. The spaces are combined to create a rich array of spatial typologies, something which a new construction would never have been able to offer. This idea is also applied in the clever finishings provided by Rotor: the palette of 'whites' helps give a sense of unity to the building, almost giving the illusion of a full-scale model. At the same time, the use of different materials questions and complexifies the status of the white cube, since the different materials each have their own specificity.

La Fabrika
furnished the building with Belgian, and where possible Brussels, design ranging in tones of grey to contrast the white interior. As the new place houses several exhibition and services for (fashion) designers, so don’t hesitate to have a look on their site.

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