Maison Martin Margiela Japanese AIDS T-Shirt

The classic Maison Martin Margiela Aids T-Shirt, created for its Fall/Winter ’93 - ’94 collection and every season since then, will get a very special edition this year.

The one colour T-Shirt with the text “There is more action to be done to fight aids than to wear this T-Shirt, but it’s a good start”, will be for the first time in Japanese. This limited edition will not be a one-timer. The Maison has decided to launch every year, next to the seasonal English version, a version of the T-Shirt in a different language for the World AIDS day. The Japanese version will this be launched December 1st. A percentage of the sales is donated to AIDES, a French organisation dedicated to fight the HIV virus and take care of patients living with HIV/AIDS .

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