Madame Corrinne

If you're named Nataša Gondry Denić, Belgium isn't the first thing that comes to mind... That's why her alter ego Madame Corrinne fits this Brussels based graphic designer more! Why are we talking about her? Easy, she's the queen of assembling triggering images. Collage Art done the way we love it.

After the modernists and the pop-artists it was time for a new generation to re-discover the joy of cutting out forms, replacing them and creating a whole new images. The difference? These days you have something called eCollage, or how computer tools enter this 100-year old art form.

Nataša is one of these new artists to rediscover Collage Art. Her themes variate from fifties twisted mad-men portraits and intergalactic Greek goddesses to the Pin Up kingdom. And Nataša makes sure her things are scattered all over the net. Several tumblrs, sites and pages make sure one day you'll see her work on your screen! Smart girl.

If you're already googling her name to find these sites, then stop! We have the one page directing you to all the others. And if you're a lazy bastard, then the I Love Belgium team made a selection especially for you. Enjoy!

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