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Yes, also at I Love Belgium we like to spread our wings. An example of that is the exhibition we curate for the MAD (Brussels Fashion and Design Centre) during Interieur 2014. We decided to go back to the core of what Interieur (interior in Dutch) stands for: how to compose an interior. 

Instead of creating a fair booth where Brussels-based design objects are displayed, MAD ABOUT LIVING creates an urban apartment. An interior where design objects are used in the context of someone’s private interior. To get rid of a showroom like-feeling, our set-up gains it's richness and believability by mixing several fields of Brussels-based design such as Graphic Design, Art, Furniture Design, Packaging Design, Textile Design, … Yet, the interior does not only include design elements but, true to Brussels living, it also incorporates “living classics”. Elements which are needed to make a house into a home. Decorative and functional objects sourced on local flea-markets. 

Otherwise it would be pretentious to imagine a “daily” interior with only contemporary design elements. Just like the city of Brussels, our apartment is all about layers.

The result is an interior where you discover the many names of Brussels design. To do this we gathered several generations of Brussels-based designers in one place. You'll see the Cubex kitchen, designed by Louis Herman De Koninck in 1930, next to the Scribble tablecloth, designed by Sylvain Willenz in 2014. This provides you with a comprehensive overview of what makes Brussels design typical Brussels: diversity, quality and creativity.

You can still visit the apartment until the 26th October during Interieur 14 at the Broel school. Otherwise you can take a virtual tour here. You fell in love with one of the items? Then click on the section where the piece can be found and discover who designed your coup de foudre: living room, kitchen or bedroom.

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