Luxury Chocolate Bars

Valentine is coming up. A stereotype gift is of course chocolat. Belgium is of course the number one chocolate country (sorry for our Swiss friends), so if you want to give chocolate to your Valentine, give him or her Belgian chocolat, a sign of quality and good taste.

Valentine's Day is usually a day of love and happiness but we're sure there will be some tears too because of unanswered love. And no better way to work this away with a tasty chocolate bar. And no, we're not talking about mediocre Mars or Snicker bars full of sugar and saturated fats.

We're talking about dark chocolate luxury bars. Because you may know or you may not know: some of dark chocolate’s benefits come from resveratrol, a natural antioxidant. Its health benefits include the ability to boost brain levels of endorphins (natural opiates) as well as serotonin (a mood-changing chemical on which many antidepressants act). In short: dark chocolate makes you smarter and happier!

That's why the I Love Belgium team selected the three most luxurious and tastiest chocolate bars from Belgium. If you're feeling down or feeling blue or did your love get you some generic chocolate in a tacky heart-shaped box? Get yourself one of these pick-me-ups!


Neuhaus - Dark chocolate bar filled with smooth cream enriched with wild strawberries - In 1857 Jean Neuhaus settles in Brussels and opens his pharmacy in the prestigious Galerie de la Reine. He covers his medicines in a layer of chocolate to make them more palatable. In 1912 Jean Neuhaus jr. expands his grandfather’s idea replacing the medicines with fresh cream, thus creating the first filled chocolate. He calls it praline, and the rest of the story is history...
Galler - Dark chocolate bar with light raspberry cream - Our personal favourite! Because the raspberry cream is not too sweet and not hyped up with artificial food coloring - Jean Galler was born into a luxury dessert environment. He liked working in the family confectioner’s shop founded by his grandfather in 1930. He followed in his grandfather's footsteps and started his own business at 21. In 1994 he also received the title as Royal Warrant Holder.

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