Luc's Factories

Who says industrial buildings can't be pretty? Ask graphic designer turned artist Luc Van Maldern and he'll convince you of the opposite with his highly-stylized prints. Since 1978, Luc celebrates the beauty of imaginary and virtual industrial buildings without any element of melancholia.

Silos, chimneys, mining pipes, water towers and other industrial parts are re-occurring elements in the artwork of Luc. With these building blocks he invents an utopian humours architecture who praise the early constructions of the first industrial revolution. As he explains itself "I'm not an architect, I make objects who represent the architecture of industry through elementary schemes and naive volumes".

Luc, who was once teaching visual communication at La Cambre, is a true perfectionist. None of these images are a result of impulsive thinking, instead they follow a strict ritual: assembly of the idea, colour scheme, mounting, printing. The result? An active reflection on utopian industrial architecture.

The I Love Belgium team knows one thing for sure: we wouldn't mind having one of these prints hanging in our house!

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