Luc Deleu & T.O.P. Office

Architect or Artist? Both in one, that's Luc Deleu. After obtaining his architecture degree in 1969 he started his bureau T.O.P. office (Turn On Planning Office) in 1973 where he pointed out the need to rethink the conservative way of living. Something you cant neglect viewing his art.

Luc Deleu has for quite some time been known for his installations of a conceptual character. These art works consist of all manner of materials and are quite dissimilar. Yet he's most famous for his cargo shipping containers modules. A material/volume which fits perfect in his idea of "Orbanisme". Where urbanism look into an area, orbanisme takes on a global scale. Just like cargo ships go all over the world.

Within his art/architectural works he often combines authoritarianism, classicism and modernism in a forced an chaotic way to create new paths for social transformation. From the late Sixties, the terrain of the visual arts became the launch pad in Deleu's search for a different urban development, in particular one that would be critical, sociological and ecological. In other words: urbanism that would be a 'worthy' alternative to the existing situations.

His art works are symbols for this way of thinking. Forming a gate, tower or landmark, they envision the future of our cities while empowering the true architectural realisations of the 20th century : infrastructure, traffic ways, train tracks, ports...  There is however an important difference with the real power monuments which are made for eternity: Luc approaches his container monuments as a giant playing childlike with lego bricks. Are you the next giant?

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