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For the love of Crust

Every once in a while, you meet people who seem to have days that count more hours than yours. And they actually seem to put these hours to a good use. We are talking about this mad creative duo both based and happy in Ghent, Lisa Lapauw and Mous Lamrabat. Some of you may already know them. For the others, well, let's say that practically every Belgian fashion magazine you have ever flipped through had a touch of Lisa or Mous in it. Both highly succesfull at their jobs as a stylist and as a photographer, we thought it was about time that we introduced you to their favourite shared universe! 

Crust is a magazine. With fashion. But it is more than that. It has no other philosophy than their own taste and views. They aim to show the not so serious side of fashion, or even the less attractive one. They don't play by the rules of what is generally perceived as fashion. It is their response to the - I'm a size zero model so I cannot laugh - attitude that has become common over the years.

Next to the actual photography, they also have a different perspective on the overall design of the magazine. Thanks to Youssef Lamrabat and his talented eye, that was a no brainer. As for content, each contributor is carefully chosen in order to present the best to their readers. And did they! We absolutely fell in love with the text by Hendrik Wittock with which they opened edition I.

" I believe we are all lost, in some sense or other "

When asked about their motivation, this was their reply: " We seek for love, we seek for happiness, we seek for things that complete us. That's how Crust was born."

They strive to deliver the best they can, hence, the title. We all know the crust is the best part! But enough talk, and time for some action because Crust II is hitting the stands. Righ. About. NOW. For the love of Crust, go get yourself one!

First pic by Mous Lamrabat
Second pic by Alessandro Casagrande
Third pic by Mara Corsino

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