Liu Bolin at Young Gallery

In the 'camouflage' series of contemporary Chinese artist Liu Bolin, he creates performances, using the human body as sculpture. Bolin's interested in the human body and its position within social surroundings - how to blend it into the environment or make it stand out within a given social-cultural landscape. His work is based on the actual location in which he places the human body, taking into account visual and emotional elements as well as the social codes which are exhibited through his selected locations. It explores human nature and animal instincts which features Chinese citizens painted to blend into their surroundings. The subjects are covered head to toe in paint, camouflaging themselves in front of the Chinese flag, a billboard or down town Beijing.
Liu Bolin is a young Beijing based artist who has exhibited primarily in china until last year’s solo show at Paris’ Galerie Bertin Toublanc and a group show with the gallery in Miami. He recently finished up a show at Eli Klein fine art in New York showcasing a variety of his pieces including some form the series
‘camoflague’. Brussels, being the art-Mecca for European collectors, follows with a show at Young Gallery.
7 May - 30 August 2010
Avenue Louse 75B, 1050 Brussels
Tuesday-Saturday, 11h00-18h30

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