This little light of mine

'Less is more' is the creed of the minimalist and as good a phrase as any to describe the work of Belgian ceramicist Cathérine Lovatt. Her art re-interprets the aesthetics of everyday objects instilling her own fundamental, vibrant style. 

Although she was born in Ypres, Belgium in 1966 she spent most of her childhood in the north of France before returning for college to study ceramics at Sint-Lucas Institute Ghent. After graduating in 1989 she began to freelance for companies such as Domani and other design stores all over the world. You could buy her work in Belgium, Japan, Italy, France, and the Netherlands.

After seven years of freelancing she took a break from ceramics in 1996 to work as a modern arts assistant. However in 2007 she resumed work as a ceramicist and opened her own studio under the name 'Catherine Lovatt.' Now she freelances for companies such as Serax and Belgoflor.

In 2013, inspired by a lamp she spotted at an antique market, she decided to begin an ambitious project: design a contemporary lighting sculpture for each week of the year. Calling it " 52 weeks: Variations in light and space", she explored different ways to redesign the traditional lamp into 52 separate functional art pieces.  

Each one of the 52 lamps are designed geometrically and made of the same contrasting materials: wood, concrete and glass. Their individuality lies in which shapes form their essence. Some are cylindrical with not a pointed edge in sight, while others are a collection of acute and wide angles supporting a light. Throughout the project Lovatt’s understated, clean aesthetic allows the lamps to transition effortlessly from siting on a nightstand as a reading light to a morning desk light.  

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