l'Idiot du Village

It's time to get off the straight path of restaurant. Imagine that you want to go somewhere cosy with your husband, wife or potential ex but you want it to be cosy but not cheesy, gastronomic but not old-fashioned, contemporary but not I-have-to-get-some-fries-after-I-leave-the-restaurant, than you're in good hands at l'Idiot du Village (The Village Idiot). ILOVEBELGIUM

This funny lil' restaurant is tucked away in the Marolles district in Brussels and you'd better have a map or give the taxi driver good directions otherwise you'll end up at the other end of the city.

L'Idiot du Village has been exisiting for over 19 years now with Chef Alain Gascoin in the kitchen and Olivier Le Bret as witty and fresh (maybe too fresh for some people) maître d'. As soon as you walk through the entrance, rather like the mirror in “Alice In Wonderland”, you are transported into another world. It's like a fantastic movie and you would expect midgets and goblins lurking from behind every curtain and elves throwing fairy dust in your eyes. And after 19 years the kitchen still stays innovative and combinations that maybe look strange on the menu but are surprisingly tasteful. What do you think about a tarte tatin with endives or choucroute (sauerkraut) with codfish, yes it works! And a bit more classic but oh so sweet (literally and figurative), a pistacchio green (yes green!) Tiramisu with Belgian speculoos. One downside: make some reservations before you decide to go, there are other Romeos who want to take their love interest out.

L'Idiot du Village
Rue Notre-Seigneur 19
1000 Brussels

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