Lend an ear to La Monnaie

La Monnaie (in French), or De Munt (in Flemish), the royal Belgian Theater in Brussels, just announced their 2016-2017 season and we at I Love Belgium are obsessed with the creative talent they’re collaborating with for the campaign. Usually the theater will promote its new season with the help of one fantastic artist, however, this year, they’ve decided to work with a collective of seven Belgian creatives: Fashion Designer Christophe Coppens, Photographer Pierre Debusschere, Artist Berlinde De Bruvckere, Fashion Designer Ann Demeulemeester, Art Director Pierre Daras, Choreographer Damien Jalet and Paper Artist Come Perche.  

A red ear stands at the core of the stunning campaign, emphasizing the art of listening. The symbol does not simply call us to listen to the concerts performed at De Munt or the Opera’s staged there, but also highlights the importance of listening to one another. The magic of theater is that it allows us to listen and try to understand a world outside ourselves. In the campaign, this ability to empathize is evoked by Coppen’s red-beaded crying mask which is emulative of the ancient Greek Melpomene mask.  

In many ways, the new collaborative campaign mimics the characteristics of an opera. In the same way it takes a variety of people and skill-sets to produce an opera, so too did the campaign. Both require a collection of visual art, choreography, design, photography, and fashion to share their message.  

Striving to renew the Opera art-form and re-establish La Monnaie as an international Opera benchmark, all of the Belgian creatives behind the campaign are as world-renown for their work as De Munt (so prestigious that it has two names) is for its theatre. Many of the artists collaborating on the campaign have worked with De Munt before. Debusschere, Coppens, Jalet and De Bruyckere have all participated in past La Monnaie creations. In fact, some of these artist will be re-appearing on the stage this coming season such as Bruyckere in the new Mahler Projekt.

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