Le Salon

No, not the place you get your nails painted or hair styled. Le Salon is a Belgian literary salon, a tribute to those famous French social gatherings in the 19th and 20th centuries where people would come together to discuss art, politics and, well, literature. 

In recent years, literary salons have been popping up all over Europe, but Belgian Devrim Bayar's salon is different. It's not held in a private parlor or coffee house. In fact, it has no physical location at all. Le Salon is intangible yet beautifully accessible because it is online.

With the help of Belgian graphic design group, Donuts, and friends Virginie Devillez, Marin Laborde and Valerie Verhack, Bayar has created an online platform where knowledgeable people can discuss art in a savvy, intellectual manner without the previous geographical boundaries.  

The idea was born from a yearning to support the young local art scene in Brussels and focuses on reaching a more international audience than other publications in Belgium. One of the ways they have done this is by breaking language barriers. Instead of writing their articles is French or Dutch like most other Belgian art publications, Le Salon is written in English. The magazine's online platform also makes their content more accessible around the world than printed publications.   Le Salon embraces all the attributes that made salons fashionable back in the day but with an added 21st century twist. Like the salons of old, many of the the people discussing and writing about the art are established artists and critics themselves such as Rebecca Lamarche Vadel, Michael Van den Abeele, and Aline Bouvy. Also, in keeping to salon tradition, the creator and many of the contributors to Le Salon are women. However, there is a contemporary aspect to Le Salon of alternative media and global connectivity which gives the publication a unique edge and the classy, twenties newspaper-like layout provides the perfect backdrop for the clever, musings of it's authors. If you're searching for an in-depth look of the Brussels art scene with knowledgeable reflections on up-and-coming artists, then Le Salon is the site for you.  

Explored Le Salon and are interested in learning more about the history it honors? Take a look at this interactive story map of some of the most notable salons throughout history.



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