Le Manège Theatre

In the city of Mons we can find Belgians finest example of contemporary theatre architecture. With a small budget architect Pierre Hebbelinck transformed a run-down military riding stables into a transparent cultural hub.

When the night falls, the prominent glass building, build transversely through the existing brick building, serves as a land mark for the historic city centre of Mons. Thanks to frosted glass panels, the white tube lighting from the interior is transformed into an exterior warm yellow glow. Through its translucency it becomes clear that the outside volume mirrors the image of the actual theatre volume placed inside.

All the practical functions such as entry, ticket counter and café are placed within the renovated riding stables which dates back to 1903. The other surfaces of the building are used as dressing rooms and practice spaces for the actors. And where the interior may be light and transparent, the interior of the new concrete theatre box is a black beauty.

So if you're ever in Mons, pay a visit to theatre Le Manege and this remarkable building. A perfect example of how modern architecture can be daring without astronomical budgets!

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