Lazy Design Part 2

Due to the huge success of our previous Lazy Design story, the I Love Belgium team did an exhausting search and found two more designs made for laziness. Guess what, it wasn't so hard to find these in our small design scene. Hey, Belgians like to relax and translate this effortless into excellent design pieces. This article combines the force of an iconic Belgian fashion house and the dynamic of a young up-and-coming designer.

The iconic Belgian fashion house we are talking about is Maison Martin Margiela. During the Salone Del Mobile in 2009 , they presented an installation that showcased its new interior products. In-between those you had a trademark Margiela white cushioned wall going over into a seat. Althoug it never made the final production cut, the idea was recycled as a bed-end in the five-star suite design of Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux. So expect this lazy design ending up in your house one day...

That young and up-and-coming designer is James Van Vossel. This 33-year old won himself several prices including an IMM and  Interieur Design award. And we guess his work "Invert" can easily add others to the list. Invert is a design existing out of 50 pillows, which create your sofa. These 50 pillows can be pushed in the main frame, creating a support wherever needed. Be it an 2 seater, a real bed or a daybed you'll find your way towards this true lazy design.

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